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 Dylan Programming Information

                      Dylan Programming Information
This document summarizes the status of the various implementations of the
Dylan programming language and provides other information relevant to the
Dylan programming community.  This document (or a pointer to it) will be
posted to the comp.lang.dylan newsgroup on a semi-regular basis, and was
prepared by

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Dylan Language Summary
Dylan is an advanced, object-oriented, dynamic language which supports
the rapid development of programs.  When needed, the programmer can
later optimize their programs for more efficient execution by supplying
type information to the compiler.  Nearly all entities in Dylan
(including functions, classes, and basic data types such as integers)
are first class objects. Additionally Dylan supports multiple
inheritance, polymorphism, multiple dispatch, keyword arguments, object
introspection, and many other advanced features which make programming
more productive.

We Want Your Code!  
Please contribute to the Dylan community by sharing your Dylan libraries
with other Dylan programmers. Please upload code archives and a separate
text description to:

Harlequin Dylan
v1.1 of Harlequin Dylan has been released, and the Harlequin team is
hard at work on their next release, v2.0, which incorporates some major
improvements. Harlequin Dylan is an advanced development environment
which runs under Windows 95, 98, and NT, and generates native x86
machine-code. The Personal Edition of Harlequin Dylan is available for
*free* download.

Gwydion Dylan
v2.1.2 of Gwydion Dylan has been released.  Gwydion Dylan, an open source
implementation of Dylan for Unix-compatible operating systems, is
currently being maintained and extended by a group of volunteers. Source
code snapshots are being released almost daily.  Come join the fun!

Apple Dylan Technology Release
Project defunct, though the released development environment should still
run under current versions of MacOS.  This screenshot shows a few of the
features of the advanced development environment:

Dylan Code Repository
Whether you need a priority queue or just a plain old foobar, someone may
have implemented it already. Check out the Dylan Code Repository...
software reuse at its finest:

Recent News
* Gwydion Dylan v2.1.1 released -
  Pre-built distributions available for most Unix systems.
* Gwydion Dylan supports award-winning MySQL database management system
* Harlequin Dylan v1.1 released
* Gwydion Dylan's Mindy ported to the BeOS

Coming Soon
* The Dylan FAQ-O-Matic

* Advanced Dylan Tutorial
* The Dylan Reference Manual
* The Dylan Evangelists
* Dylan World
* Dylan Exchange

                           Keep the faith!

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