APC reflecting copies of postings? 
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 APC reflecting copies of postings?

Someone suggested that apc.com might be reflecting copies of
the postings here, creating duplicates.  Poking around their
site by anonymous ftp, I found the following:

APC International Secretariat
Rua Vincente de Souza, 29
22251-070 Rio de Janeiro
Tel: +55(21)286-4467
Fax: +55(21)286-0541

Perhaps someone who's kept track of the duplication problem
could mail them and tell us they have.


Prof. Robert P. Futrelle | Biological Knowledge Lab, College of CS
Office: (617)-373-2076   | Northeastern University, 161CN
Fax:    (617)-373-5121   | 360 Huntington Ave.

Thu, 03 Apr 1997 18:42:16 GMT  
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