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 Melange FAQ and roadmap

Since some people have been asking about Melange, here's a FAQ and future
development roadmap. Note that no delivery dates are included, as per
standard Gwydion policy. ;-)

What is Melange?

Melange parses C headers and creates Dylan bindings. Unlike SWIG and
similar tools, Melange attempts to parse all legal C headers. In theory, it
should never be necessary to edit a C header. In practice, most headers
still require a small amount of tweaking to work around bugs in Melange.

Typically, these bugs do *not* involve Melange's parser. Most problems come
from the ad hoc output code, which will go away in the future. (See below.)

What is the Harlequin C FFI?

The Harlequin C FFI allows a Dylan program full access to C functions and
data structures. Using the C FFI, a Dylan program can do almost anything
a C program could do. This includes calling functions, accessing data
structures and even defining functions callable from C.

Gwydion Dylan does not yet support the Harlequin C FFI, but we're working
on it. Right now, Gwydion Dylan supports a less powerful interface.

Does Melange handle C++?

No. Two things prevent Melange from handling C++:

 1) Melange generates interfaces in Dylan, not in C or C++. This means that
    you can use Melange without a separate C compiler.
 2) No existing Dylan compiler can generate object code compatible with a
    C++ compiler. For that matter, most *C++* compilers are unable to
    generate object code compatible with other C++ compilers. Until the C++
    community solves this problem, there's little change that the Dylan
    community will solve it.

So even if Melange could parse C++ headers, it wouldn't know what to do
with the output.

How can I interface Dylan code with C++ libraries?

Harlequin Dylan supports COM and CORBA. Both of these technologies could be
used to build an interface between C++ and Dylan.

You could also write a C-compatible interface to your C++ classes using
'extern "C"' declarations, and then access your new interface using the C
FFI or Melange.

If none of these options are appealing, it may be necessary to wait. I know
of a few tools which might help. Write me for details.

Can Melange be compiled with Harlequin Dylan?

Not yet. Right now, Melange requires Gwydion-specific extensions. See the
development roadmap below.

Does Melange generate C FFI bindings?

Not yet. Right now, Melange generates bindings for the more primitive
Gwydion FFI. See below.

Development Roadmap

 * Milestone #1 ("Portable C Parser")
   - Melange's parsing code will work under both Harlequin and Gwydion Dylan.
   - The parsing code will generate a well-defined parse tree based on
     ANSI C. The ad hoc parse tree will no longer be generated.
   - The parser will understand as much of ANSI C as will be needed to
     generate C FFI bindings.

 * Milestone #2 ("Pidgin")
   - It will be possible to generate a C FFI interface by typing:
       $ pidgin my-library.h my-library.dylan
   - Pidgin will compile under both Harlequin and Gwydion Dylan.
   - Pidgin will understand how to search for C headers. In particular,
     pidgin will support GCC's standard search path under Linux and at
     least one other search path.

 * Milestone #3 ("Basic 'define interface'")
   - Pidgin will support 'define interface' clauses similar to those
     supported by Creole (from the Apple Dylan Technology Release) and
     Melange (from current versions of Gwydion Dylan).
   - c-translation, equate, map and similar features will not be supported.
   - It will be possible to invoke pidgin by typing:
       $ pidgin --interface-file=foo.dylan foo-c-glue.dylan
     This will extract all 'define interface' forms from foo.dylan and
     write C FFI bindings to foo-c-glue.dylan.

Once milestone #2 is reached, users will be invited to test Pidgin on their
local systems. Once milestone #3 is reached, we'll begin to evolve 'define
interface' based on actual experience.

What headers will be used to test Pidgin?

My initial set of test headers will look something like the following:

 * OpenGL: GL/gl.h, GL/glu.h, GL/glut.h from the newest version of Mesa.
 * Linux headers: sys/socket.h from RedHat Linux 5.2.
 * GTK+: gtk/gtk.h from GTK+ 1.2 or newer and all recursive includes.
 * PostgreSQL: a selected header from a new version of PostgreSQL.
 * PCRE: the Perl-compatible regex engine.

If you'd like to submit a header for testing, here are the criteria:

 * The header must be generally available. If I don't already have a copy,
   you'll have to mail me a copy or tell me where to find one.
 * The header must contain only ANSI C and extensions from GCC and MSVC.

In particular, I'd like to test a header including MSVC extensions.
Ideally, this header should use both '#pragma pack' and '__stdcall'.

What about delivery dates?

Right now, I'm working on Gwydion Dylan infrastructure. This will take
several more days. Once this work is out of the way, I'll begin moving
towards milestones #1 and #2 as quickly as possible.

Since I'm doing this in my spare time, I won't quote any delivery dates. If
your company would benefit from a tool like pidgin, I'm also available on a
consulting basis.

Because I've been studying Melange for the last several months, I can reach
milestone #2 in about two weeks of full time work. Because I want to write
Pidgin for my own use, I'll work for less than my usual rates (which are a
good buy to begin with).

So here's my sales pitch: If your senior developers are writing C FFI
bindings, they're not writing application code. Pull out a calculator,
check your overhead rate, and find out what you're spending. For less than
the cost of a few copies of Harlequin's Enterprise Edition, I can
save you that money. If your credit's good, I'll even take payment upon
completion of each milestone. ;-)

To be honest, I'm going to write pidgin one way or the other. But if you
need it really soon--and you want your bug reports to take priority--send
me e-mail with your phone number.

Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the anticipation. And don't bug me about
delivery dates, OK? :-)


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