ANNOUNCE: Mindy 1.5 
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 ANNOUNCE: Mindy 1.5

Mindy 1.5 has been released.  It can be obtained from
or via ftp in   gwydion/release

A description of Mindy can be found at the end of this message.

The following are enhancements added since release 1.4:

   Mindy is now compliant with most of the DRM; previous versions of
   Mindy were based on the older DIRM.  See mindy.txt for Mindy's
   deficiencies with respect to the DRM.  The file DIRM-to-DRM.txt
   contains tips on bringing DIRM code up to the new standard.

   Added the TK library, which is a Dylan binding for TK 4.0 (of
   TCL/TK fame).  See dylan-tk.txt for details.  Also added a
   graphical version of html2txt and a game of Minesweeper.

   Added the inspect and xinspect commands to the de{*filter*}, which
   allow interactive examining of Dylan objects.  See debug.txt and
   inspector.txt for details.

   Mindy now supports conditional compilation; see mindy.txt for

   Added a new defining form, "define function".  See mindy.txt for

   For loops now support the "using" option for using iteration
   protocols other than the forward-iteration-protocol.  See mindy.txt
   for details.

   Added $not-supplied to the Extensions module.  See mindy.txt for

   Added the Matrix library, which contains standard matrix
   manipulations like matrix multiply and gaussian elimination.  See
   matrix.txt for details.

   Mindycomp now gives warning messages when "while" or "until" are
   used inside a for loop (you should use "while:" or "until:"), or  
   when the "foo: (default)" keyword default syntax is used.
   Mindycomp also gives warning messages when the exception name in an
   exception clause is not surrounded by parentheses.

   Mindycomp now gives warning messages when function return values
   have names but not types.

   Mindy now gives warnings when next-method() is called without #next
   being declared in the parameter list, because that's required in
   Mindy.  See mindy.txt for details on this deficiency.

   Mindy now gives warnings when a method's return types do not match
   the generic's return types because return types were not specified
   for the method.  This used to be an error.

   The function collect-garbage has been added to the System module of
   the Dylan library.  This function can also do a purifying garbage
   collection; see mindy.txt for details.

   Mindy now supports a different integer model.  In brief, the
   following renaming has been done:
        <integer>              => <general-integer>
        <fixed-integer>        => <integer>
        $minimum-fixed-integer => $minimum-integer
        $maximum-fixed-integer => $maximum-integer
   See mindy.txt for details.

   *format-function* and *force-output-function* have been replaced by
   condition-format.  See mindy.txt for details.

   The functions load-file and load-library have been added to the
   Extensions module.  See mindy.txt for details.

   The function abstract?, which tells you if a class is an abstract
   class, has been added to the Introspections module of the Dylan

   The function instantiable?, which tells you if a class is either
   concrete or has an applicable method on make which is not the
   default make method, has been added to the Introspections module of
   the Dylan library.

   Added <byte> to the Extensions module.  See mindy.txt for details.

   Added <buffer-index> and $maximum-buffer-size to System module.
   See mindy.txt for details.

   Object printing in the Print library is now generally more terse,
   but still within the spec laid out in print.txt.

   Limited-integer-class is now limited-integer-base-class,
   limited-integer-min is now limited-integer-minimum, and
   limited-integer-max is now limited-integer-maximum.  See mindy.txt
   for details.

   Mindy will now return an exit status of 1 if the de{*filter*} "quit"
   command was used to exit the interpretter.

   The function type-or in the Extensions module of the Dylan library
   has been removed.  Use type-union instead.

   Since the Dylan language no longer has ratios, all ratio stuff
   (<ratio>, ratio, numerator, denominator) has been moved to the
   Extensions library.  See mindy.txt for details.

   The class <dictionary> in the Extensions module of the Dylan
   library has been removed.  Use <mutable-explicit-key-collection>

   In the Regular-expressions module of the String-Extensions library,
   the join() function now only works on byte strings.

The following are bug fixes since release 1.4:

   Abstract classes may no longer be instantiated with the default make

   <object-table>s now work when given <extended-integer>s or <ratio>s
   for keys.

   Find-method() now accepts any type of <sequence> as an argument,
   not just <list>.

   Sort() now handles pathological cases better.

   Fixed a bug in ash where it would try to allocate extended integers
   of a negative length.

   Mindy now drops to the de{*filter*} when asked to allocate an
   excessively large object, rather than dumping core.

   "Subclass" slots are now "each-subclass" slots.

   In the Regular-expressions module of the String-Extensions library,
   the split() function will now remove empty items correctly in all

   Regular expressions functions will now signal an <illegal-regexp>
   error when given a regular expression that is parsable but would be
   uninterpretable.  See String-extensions.txt for details.

   Fixed a bug in the Regular-expressions module of the
   String-Extensions library where escaped characters would be unescaped
   once too many times.

   Fill! now returns a value of the correct type.

   Under Win32, the first line of console input would sometimes be
   dropped.  This has been fixed.

   The Mindy documentation now documents <string-table>.

(From the Mindy README file)

Mindy is an implementation of a language that is very much like the
language described in the Dylan(tm) Reference Manual (DRM).  The name
"Mindy" is derived from "Mindy Is Not Dylan Yet", and as the name
implies, Mindy is incomplete.  Mindy is incomplete for the following

   1] We do not implement everything in the DRM.
   2] The DRM does not specify all that Apple(tm) intends Dylan to be.
   3] At present there is no validation procedure for Dylan and no
      procedure for licensing the use of the trademarked Dylan name.

However, Mindy does implement most of what we believe Dylan will be.

Mindy was developed by the Gwydion Project at Carnegie Mellon
University for our own internal use as a development tool while we
work on our "real" high-performance Dylan implementation.  We have
decided to make Mindy available for other people who want to learn
about Dylan.  However, the amount of effort that we can put into
maintaining Mindy is strictly limited.

Mindy will never be an industrial-strength implementation, and nobody
should depend on it for real work.  We will make future releases from
time to time as we add new features and fix bugs, but this is strictly
a sideshow for us.  We would appreciate receiving bug reports
(especially those accompanied by code patches) and suggestions for
improvements, but we may not fix every bug reported in a timely
manner, or fix it at all.  Our work on development of the "real"
Gwydion/Dylan must take precedence.

We hope that nobody will draw any conclusions about the performance of
our future Gwydion/Dylan compiler or the performance attainable in
Dylan from experience using Mindy.  It's not designed to be fast.

Mindy consists of two C programs, a compiler that produces byte-codes
and a byte-code interpreter.  The Mindy release also includes some
rough documentation, various libraries (Streams, Format, Print,
Collection-extensions, String-extensions, and Random-numbers), some
Dylan demos, and a Dylan mode for Gnu-emacs.

There are two versions of Mindy developed by CMU, the Unix version and
the Windows version.  Mindy for Unix has been tested extensively
under MACH on the DECstation and HP-UX on HP 700's.  We have built and
run Mindy, but not tested it extensively, under Irix, Linux, SunOS,
AIX, Solaris, and Ultrix.  Mindy for Unix does not work on the Alpha.
Installing Mindy for Unix requires an ANSI C compiler and a ''make''
utility.  If you wish to recompile the lexer or parser (they come
pre-compiled to portable C), you will need GNU's Flex and Bison,
respectively.  They can be obtained from  in the directory pub/gnu

WinMindy runs under Windows '95 and under Windows/NT v. 3.5 or later.
It requires a file system that supports long file names.  WinMindy
requires unzip.exe, which can be found in the same directory as  (This is the Info-ZIP extractor.  WinZip 6.1 will also
work.  PkZip will *not* work, because it doesn't do long file names)
WinMindy is distributed in binary form, so you do not need a C
compiler to install WinMindy.

You can get Mindy from our public WWW page:
You can also get Mindy by anonymous ftp from in the following files:
   /afs/    (Unix version)
   /afs/    (Windows version)

You must cd in one command line to the directory containing
mindy.tar.gz due to security measures at CMU.  Questions, comments,

Third parties independently maintain ports for the Macintosh and for
OS/2, and may or may not reflect the latest CMU release.  Questions
about these programs should go to their maintainers, not to the
Gwydion Project.

Mindy for the Macintosh is maintained by Patrick Beard

in the directory

Mindy for OS/2 is maintained by Patrick Premont in the directory


Have fun and hope you enjoy,
Gwydion Project

-Nick Kramer

Sun, 29 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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