HINT: Compiler error-handling has problems 
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 HINT: Compiler error-handling has problems

: I just wanted to note to everyone that the Apple Dylan Technology Release
: compiler has some problems dealing with errors. For example, some simple
: syntax errors result in a compiler exception instead of a descriptive
: message.

: This has caused me, on a few occasions, to spend an inordinate amount of
: time attempting to debug my source. One example is an unmatched "end"
: keyword. So, if you get wierd compiler errors, try looking closely at your
: source for errors.

Yes, it is extremely annoying.  Could this be fixed for the PPC version?
BTW, sometimes one seems to get a more helpful error message, when choosing
report as bug from the restarts menu.


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Thu, 03 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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