Save 80% On Your Grocery Bills!!! 
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 Save 80% On Your Grocery Bills!!!

THIS is Your Problem!!!

The average American family spends approximately $400 per month on
food and other grocery store items. That monthly expense is increasing
constantly, and EVERYONE is always looking for ways to cut those costs.

Now the way that most consumers are saving money at the grocery store is
by using " cash off " coupons. In fact recent national surveys report that
90% of  ALL American households use grocery coupons weekly!

But .... until now the problem has been that " coupons clipping " is a
hit-or-miss proposition at best. It generally means a time consuming,
tedious job of sorting through perhaps dozens of flyers, circulars, and
magazines, and cutting out only those few coupons that fit your needs.

National statistics actually tells us that although the typical Sunday paper
contains 100 or  more "cash off " coupons , the average person manages to
clip only 3 to 6 coupons for products they really want and use.

And  THIS  is Our Solution !!!

"Why can't someone  invent some kind of a 'system'  so a consumer could

Well, now someone has!!!

You begin by subscribing to our unique "Coupons-By-Choice" service. For
a subscription fee of just $20 per month you will  receive one of our
exclusive "Coupons-By-Choice" booklets. Your monthly Booklet contains
certificates which may be redeemed for up to $100 worth of cash off
grocery store coupons that YOU  CHOOSE from our list of  HUNDRED

Each "Coupons-By-Choice" Booklet contains 10 "coupon order forms."
EACH order form can be redeemed  for $10 worth of  PERSONALLY
SELECTED  cash-off coupons. You actually CHOOSE  exactly what
coupons you want from our master list which is printed in each Booklet.
You then mail the completed order form and a small handling charge to
our redemption center. In just a few weeks you will receive $10 worth of
cash off coupons  that YOU  chose! PLUS ...  you will receive additional
coupons of your choice to reimburse you for your handling charge and
your postage!

And remember that these are MANUFACTURERS' coupons for
NATIONAL, NAME-BRAND PRODUCTS, and are valid at any store that
CURRENTLY accept coupons!

So the real beauty of our system is that,  as a subscriber to our "Coupons-
By-Choice" service, you do not have to change your buying habits at all to
receive substantial savings!!

        *   You do NOT  have to shop at certain stores! You continue to    
              shop where you ALWAYS do!
        *   You do NOT  have to purchase "special" products from special
                 "dealers!"  You continue to buy the SAME products and brands

             you do every  day!

Where else can you receive a return of $100 to $200 ... on a monthly
investment of  only $20 !!??


With regard to this particular ad,  there is only one way you can get the
necessary APPLICATION  forms as well as more information about our
company and this AMAZING opportunity:

Call  fax-on-demand  512-404-1275 ( must call from  a your fax machine)

Remember to put your sponsor's ID number in all application forms,
otherwise they will not be processed.

Sponsor's ID number:  CA11094

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