Restricting types of slots in subclasses? 
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 Restricting types of slots in subclasses?

Using gd 2.3.2, take a class:

    define class <test-1> (<object>)
      slot hole :: <vacuum>;
    end class <test1>;

Should it be possible to restrict the type of 'hole' in a subclass?  
Something like:

    define class <test-2> (<test-1>)
      inherited slot hole :: <subtype-of-vacuum>;
    end class <test2>;

'Dylan Programming', section 19.5 (Enumerations), seems to indicate
that one can use keywords to achieve this, but alas! keywords are on
holiday from gd and the above code leads to a syntax error when parsing.  
Any workable way around this?


Sun, 17 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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