Gwydion Dylan 2.3.10 Released 
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 Gwydion Dylan 2.3.10 Released

Gwydion Dylan 2.3.10 Released

The Gwydion Hackers are proud to announce version 2.3.10 of Gwydion
Dylan. The source tarball is available from


Binary versions for a number of platforms are available from the
downloads section.

For this release, we have further improved Common Dylan compliance,
exception reporting, the Melange tool, introspection, and runtime
error checking.  We have removed the Boehm/Demers/Weiser garbage
collector from our distribution, and rely on an externally-provided
version.  There are workarounds for problems encountered with some
versions of gcc 3.x.  Support for the HP/UX PA-RISC platform has been
revived, and an alpha version of support for the MacOS X Cocoa
framework is now included.

There's a technology demonstration of a Dylan interactor (also known
as a REPL to the Lisp folks). Try 'd2c -i'.

Gwydion Dylan provides two implementations of the Dylan programming
language: Mindy and d2c. Mindy is bytecode compiler and interpreter,
and d2c is a Dylan-to-C compiler. Mindy compiles programs quickly, but
the resulting executables run slowly. On the other hand, d2c compiles
programs slowly, but they run quickly, at up to the speed of
comparable C code. Ports of Gwydion Dylan are available for all modern

Gwydion Dylan was originally written by the Gwydion Group at CMU as
part of a research project studying advanced hypercode development
environments. It is now maintained by a group of volunteers.

The following online resources are available:

  Maintainers' website:     http://www.*-*-*.com/
  Gwydion group:           http://www.*-*-*.com/
  FTP Site:      
  FTP Site (mirror):

  Newsgroup:               comp.lang.dylan

If you use Gwydion to any extent, you'll want subscribe to gd-hackers
so you can ask questions and report the inevitable bugs. Send a

want to contribute code or documentation, we enthusiastically
encourage you to do so.

Thu, 29 Sep 2005 04:48:04 GMT  
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