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 Status report

Jeff Dubrule and I spent the weekend working on Gwydion Dylan (we've
scarcely been out of the labs in the past two days). Lots of new stuff is

 * OpenGL bindings for Gwydion Dylan. As of this morning, Jeff could call
   most GL, GLU and glut functions from Dylan. He had a rotating cube demo
   running on and off all morning, sucking up CPU cycles on my machine.

   These are good bindings--Jeff's been adding wrapper functions and macros
   with a proper Dylan "feel". For more information about these bindings,
   check the gd-hackers archive at < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;.

 * Compatibility work. I implemented lots of stuff from Harlequin-Extensions
   and started on the Operating-System library. All of this code is in CVS, so
   feel free to poke at it.

 * Bootstrapping. I've documented our bootstrapping problems and rewritten
   most of the affected code. Check gd/src/BOOTSTRAP out of CVS for
   documentation. The new code will go into CVS as soon as I figure out
   how to implement the BOOTSTRAPPING_WITH_D2C scenario.

 * Melange. I now know *way* too much about Melange and C's type model. As
   soon as I check in the bootstrapping code, I'll reattack this problem
   with a vengence.


Thu, 06 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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