Am I completely insane?... 
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 Am I completely insane?...


> ...or is Dylan really (at a logical level, not an implementation level) a
> functional programming language using hygienic macros to simulate
> procedural/object-oriented/declarative/whatever programming?

Dylan is semi-functional language that allows assignments to storage
locations. Given such a language, you could implement imperative statements
and objects using a number of well-known techniques.

Since lots of people want to write imperative and object-oriented code,
Dylan lets them. As the Perl community likes to point out, There's More
Than One Way To Do It (TMTOWTDI).

We fully support your right to use any of the above styles, or even mix
them. This is one holy war we're staying well out of. Have fun! ;-)


Sun, 02 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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