Apple Dylan licensing?? 
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 Apple Dylan licensing??

In an article entitled "Apple seeks Newton Investors"
[ located at: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,4,9615,00.html ]
the following appears...

            "Apple chief scientist Larry Tesler also
             said in an interview here late yesterday
             that Apple is looking to find new homes
             for at least a dozen technology projects it
             recently decided to stop funding.


            Tesler declined to give details on what
             these further technologies were, other
             than the outline given last month in the
             company's restructuring announcement,
             and he said the method of seeking new
             sponsors to further develop and market
             the technologies would differ according
             to each. "

A typical Apple "we're going to do something ... once we finally figure
out what we're going to do" pronouncment. But perhaps Apple Dylan might
emerge from "hibernation" after all. The above doesn't omit releasing
the source to the Web if they can't find anyone to "cough up" some money
for the code.

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