Trees and Dylan 
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 Trees and Dylan

Speaking of trees, I was wondering what the rational was for not including trees
in the language definition. With lists, arrays, and hash-tables already in there
a nice interface to a BST would seem to round-out the collection classes. It was
assumed people would rather use the hash-table?



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Subject: Re: Dylan article in BYTE

Date:    3/12/96 10:46 AM


> Ok, for those of us not up on the latest in C++, what is "STL"?

STL (Standard Template Library) is a library of C++ templates
for many common programming structure, including lists, queues, binary
trees, dynamic arrays, etc.

STL uses templates so that the lists it maintains can contain
any type of C++ object.

STL is very useful to those that understand it, but it is also
very obtuse and difficult to learn.


Eric Shapiro
Rock Ridge Enterprises

Sat, 29 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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