Gwydion Dylan 2.3.2 Release 
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 Gwydion Dylan 2.3.2 Release

Hi! is still down, and so are our mailing
lists. Originally I had planned to wait until they are back up before
the next release, in order to coordinate with the other
maintainers. But I'm a little impatient, and decided to do it _now_.
I assume all the important people are reading this group anyways.

So I've tagged the CVS tree with GD_2_3_2, and put the official 2.3.2
source tree on the FTP server:

You know the routine, please upload the binaries/packages for your
respective platforms to:

I would appreciate it if someone with better English skills than me
writes an official release announcement. Otherwise I'll come up with

The major new feature of 2.3.2, for all the people who are not
involved in the development process, is that Peter Housel kicked out
the assembler based heap generation and replaced it by C file
generation, which also finally makes shared library support work (at
least on those platforms where the Boehm-Weiser GC supports it, known
to work is FreeBSD at the moment).


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Thu, 07 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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