Dylan language intro. Wed. 9/21 by Apple for BCS MacTech Group 
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 Dylan language intro. Wed. 9/21 by Apple for BCS MacTech Group

Hi Folks,

My apologies to those who live too far from the Boston area to take
advantage of this, but I think it might interest enough people to be

Stoney Ballard and Mike Lockwood from Apple will be giving an
introduction to programming in the Dylan language at the next meeting
of the BCS MacTech Group, on Wednesday September 21, 1994. Anyone who
can make it is welcome to join us, you don't need to be a member of the
Boston Computer Society (or anything else for that matter). I've
enclosed a copy of our regular mailing list announcement below with all
the details, and you can also send me e-mail if you still have

John Shockey


                BCS MacTech Group Meeting
                Wednesday September 21, 1994 7:00 PM
                MIT Building E51-329 (*** special room ***)
                Cambridge, MA

                Main Topic: Introduction to the Dylan language
                Speakers: Apple's Stoney Ballard & Mike Lockwood

Our guests for this meeting will be Stoney Ballard and Mike Lockwood
from Apple, who will be presenting an introduction to the programming
language Dylan, and giving us a sample of what Dylan programming will
feel like.

(For those who attended Apple's presentation to us this July, this talk
will complement what was covered earlier, and focus primarily on the
language, rather than Apple's programming environment for Dylan, which
was the topic of the earlier visit.)

The Dylan language is designed to be object-oriented from the ground
up, to have a powerful exception handling facility, to allow automatic
storage management, to provide good support for modular code
development and reuse, and to facilitate the development of a highly
dynamic style of programming environment. Though many of these
advantages have been available before, in languages like LISP and
Smalltalk, Dylan is designed to allow this with speed and space
efficiencies closer to that of languages like C, C++, and Pascal.

Stoney Ballard has a long history of involvement with innovation in
computer languages in addition to his current involvement with the
Apple Dylan programming environment, having been involved with
SmallTalk at Xerox PARC, and more recently having led the development
of Component Workshop, another interesting Macintosh development
environment. Mike Lockwood, currently involved with writing the
application framework which is part of Apple Dylan, has also worked on
a number of projects familiar to the Macintosh programming community,
including Apple's system software, and several source language

I think that this will be an interesting and important meeting. Dylan
stands a good chance of becoming an important programming language,
especially (though certainly not exclusively) for the Macintosh, and
this is a chance for us to get an early look at what it will be like to
use it for real programming. Don't miss this meeting if you can help

As usual, the main presentation will be preceded by a discussion period
for announcements, questions, rumors, and ruminations. Bring all your
Macintosh programming questions - elementary to advanced.

        <><>< ** CONSTRUCTION ALERT ** ><><>

There is construction going on at building E51. Check out the
directions below for what information I have.

        <><>< Future Meeting Dates ><><>

October 5,1994      TBA
                    (This date was previously announced as Symantec,
                    which had to be rescheduled in November. Stay
October 19, 1994    Visix Software's Galaxy
November 2,1994     Symantec

        <><>< Group information and directions follow ><><>

This is the BCS MacTech Group e-mail announcement list. (If you
received this in some way other than my mailing it directly to you, you
can send me e-mail at the address below to be placed on the list or for
more information.) Feedback on what you want to see in these mailings,
and when, is welcome.

Volunteers to help with the running of the group are always welcome.
Particularly needed are people to help arrange meeting speakers. Also
welcome are any members who would like to speak at a future meeting.
Good topics include discussion of some part of the Mac OS and Toolbox
that you've learned about the hard way, an introduction to some
development environment or tool that might be of interest to others,


MIT Building E51 is located at the intersection of Amherst and
Wadsworth Streets in Cambridge, near Kendall Square. Traveling west on
Memorial Drive, Wadsworth Street is the first right after the
Longfellow Bridge. Traveling east on Memorial Drive, it is the first
LEGAL left turn after the Harvard (Mass. Ave.) Bridge. Look for a sign
for Kendall Square. Enter on the Amherst Street side of the building.
(This is also where the parking lot is located.)  To get to room 329,
take the elevator to the third floor, then turn left as you exit the
elevator. Room 329 is directly off the large open area you'll be in.

        <><>< ** CONSTRUCTION ** ><><>

There is construction going on in and around the parking lot at
building E51. Though I don't have details, it appears that it will be
in progress for quite a while, and the parking lot will not be
available. Probably the easiest thing to do is to park on the street
nearby. Don't forget that there is parking on Memorial Drive. Also,
access to the building will be via a wooden stairway running from
Amherst Street, so look for it if the normal entrance is inaccessible.
(You can also enter the building across Wadsworth Street, and cross
over the pedestrian bridge from the third floor.)


John Shockey

Fri, 07 Mar 1997 21:57:24 GMT  
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