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 Financial Aid

If you are reading this now, you, like me, are
badly in need of money. Believe me, I understand.
If the United States had debtor's prison, I'd have
been in it years ago. However, there is a way out.
All you have to do is use the follow program.

Mail a single dollar bill to each of the following
people, along with a note which says:

"Please add me to your list. My name
and address is (include your name and address)."

(1)     Ralph
        7439 Hwy 70 S. #268
        Nashville, Tn. 37221

(2)     Bob Sullivan
        4553 Atascadero Dr.
        Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110

(3)     Bill Gray
        8114 SW 104th Way
        Gainesville, FL  32608

(4)     Y. Yuksel
        1561 Mesa Dr. #123
        Santa Ana, CA 92707

(5)     J. M. Little
        Clemson University
        P.O. Box 3669
        Clemson, SC  29632-3669

Then copy this message, and re-post it to as many
newsgroups as you can, but with the following changes:

Erase the first person's address.
Move each of the remaining addresses up one number.
        (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, etc.)
Add your name and address as the fifth one.

What will happen is this. Others who, like you, are
in need of money, will read your message, just as
you are reading this one, and decide that they need
the extra cash. They will send you their one dollar
bill, and repost the message, making the same changes
you did. You will still be on the list as #4. Someone
will read their message, send money to everyone on the
list, including you, and post another message, making
the changes. You will still be on the list as #3. This
will continue until you are off the list, but by the time
you are off the list, AT LEAST five people will send you
money. There's the five dollars you sent. I cannot
confirm them, but there are continuous statements about
how people have made hundreds, thousands, and even tens
of thousands of dollars with this plan. Remember, the
more places you put this, the more money you make.

Does this seem unreasonable? It shouldn't. There are
millions of people in the United States just like you,
who need money, and are looking for a solution.
Thousands of people are getting on the internet for the
first time, every day, and each of them wants to make
money. Is it so unbelievable that they, like you, will
follow this plan, hoping for a big return? At most, it
will cost you ten dollars:  one dollar for each person,
and five for the pen, stamps, and envelopes.

Is it impossible for you to imagine there are ten people
somewhere in America who want to make money?

If there are, then you've only lost a little time. But
in fact, there are MILLIONS of people who NEED the money,
and they are looking for ANY chance to make some. You
will more than make up for any time or money you spend.

Is this program illegal? No. There's nothing illegal, or
even shady, about this. Do you want proof?

1.  The inclusion of the message "Add my name to your
        list." makes this a service, just like any TV
        adverti{*filter*}t or 1-900 number. Are those illegal?

2.  Does the federal government police the internet? No.
        Do they open your mail? No. THAT would be illegal.

3.  If this were illegal, do you really think I'd be dumb
        enough to give the police my address?

Please, support this program. There is the potential for
both you and I to make a LOT of money together. Thank you.

Wed, 04 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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