MacMarlais 0.3 now available 
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 MacMarlais 0.3 now available

Thanks to Patrick C. Beard of UC Davis, we now have a Mac version
of Marlais, available by anonymous ftp from

Please keep in mind that this still only supports the old lisp-like
syntax; it does not yet support the newer, official algebraic syntax.

Below is the readme file:

This is a port of v0.3 Marlais to the Macintosh. The code is mostly
unchanged except for a few bug fixes/enhancements that I made.
One addition is a file called os_dep.c which contains a function
called initialize_os(), to do platform specific initializations.
On UNIX, this could be left empty. I also had to add some GNU
getopt() code, which uses GC_malloc() for alloca!

I also added type discrimination to setter methods so that if a slot
of a class has a specific type, the setter generic function descriminates
on it. This should prevent putting garbage into slots.

Building Marlais 0.3 with Symantec's THINK C

This was built with v7.0.2 of THINK C. You'll need at least v7.x to
use my projects that I supply.

I've included v4.1 of the garbage collector, but it is precompiled
into the project file gc.lib.<. If you keep the collector in a
sub-folder of marlais-0.3, the collector's folder needs to be
shielded, i.e., surrounded by (), as I've provided it. This is
because both Marlais and the collector have some filenames that
are the same.

The collector is configured to allocate memory from temporary
memory rather than the application heap. This allows the built
Marlais to get by with a 768k application partition. It allocates
a 256k stack, and uses the rest of the space for its code. All
memory allocation beyond that is done using the collector.

Happy Dylaning!

Patrick C. Beard

June 8, 1994

Mon, 25 Nov 1996 02:21:50 GMT  
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