CFP: CP2000, 18-22 September, 2000, Singapore 
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 CFP: CP2000, 18-22 September, 2000, Singapore

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                   Sixth International Conference on
           Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

                   September 18-22, 2000, Singapore

                    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~cp2000

Constraints have emerged as the basis of a representational and
computational paradigm that draws from many disciplines and can be
brought to bear on many problem domains. The conference is concerned
with all aspects of computing with constraints including: algorithms,
applications, environments, languages, models, systems.
The conference program will consist of 3 invited talks, 4 tutorials,
31 technical research papers, a poster/demo session and 5 workshops.

The proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture
Notes in Computer Science series. A special issue of the Constraints
journal (Kluwer Academic Publishers) is planned, based on selected


Early Registration Deadline:     1     August, 2000
Main Conference:                 18-21 September, 2000
Workshops:                       22    September, 2000


Located in Southeast Asia, the Republic of Singapore is a safe and
clean city-state. Known as the Lion City, Singapore is a modern
metropolis with one of the world's busiest ports and a world-class
airport. At the same time, the small tropical island has retained many
elements of its colonial past. The multiethnic nature of the
population provides a rich and varied cultural, religious, and
linguistic heritage.  

The conference will take place at the Hilton Singapore, 581 Orchard Road,
Singapore ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ). It is centrally located
in the heart of the business, shopping and entertainment district.


Program Chair:
Rina Dechter, University of California,

General Chair:
Roland Yap, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Program Committee:
Krzysztof Apt (CWI)                 Henry Kautz (AT&T Labs)
Roberto Bayardo (IBM, Almaden)      Manolis Koubarakis (Tech. U. of Crete)
Peter van Beek (U. of Alberta)      Michael Maher (Griffith U.)
Alexander Bockmayr (LORIA)          Jean-Francois Puget (ILOG)
Alex Brodsky (George Mason U.)      Barbara Smith (U. of Leeds)
Philippe Codognet (U. of Paris, 6)  Francesca Rossi (U. of Padova)
Boi Faltings (LIA-EPFL)             Helmut Simonis (Cosytec)
Ian Gent (U. of St Andrews)         Christian Schulte (U. des Saarlandes)
John {*filter*} (CMU)                   Mark Wallace (IC-Parc, Imperial College)
Joxan Jaffar (Natl. U. Singapore)   Makoto Yokoo (NTT)
Peter Jeavons (Oxford U.)      

Workshop and Tutorial Chair:

Publicity Chair:


  Alan Borning, University of Washington
  "Constraints for Interactive Graphical Applications"

  Alan Mackworth, University of British Columbia
  "Constraint-Based Agents: The ABC's of CBA's"

  David McAllester, AT&T Labs
  "Meta-Complexity Theorems for Algorithm Design and Analysis"


  T1: Structural CSP Decomposition Methods and Tractable CSPs
      Georg Gottlob (Vienna University of Technology) and
      Francesco Scarcello (University of Calabria)

  T2: Constraint Handling Rules
      Thom Fruehwirth (Ludwig-Maximilians-University)

  T3: Integration of Mathematical Programming and Constraint Programming
      for Combinatorial Optimization
      Michela Milano (University of Ferrara)

  T4: Satisfiability Models and Algorithms for Electronic Design Automation
      Joao Marques-Silva (Technical University of Lisbon)


The following workshops will be held on Friday, 22 September, 2000:

  W1: Soft Constraints: Theory and Practice

  W2: Analysis and Visualization of Constraint Programs and Solvers
      Contact person: Slim Abdennadher,

  W3: TRICS: Techniques foR Implementing Constraint programming Systems

  W4: Distributed Constraint Satisfaction

  W5: Second Workshop on Rule-Based Constraint Reasoning and Programming


Automatic Generation of Propagation Rules for Finite Domains
  Slim Abdennadher, Christophe Rigotti

Extending Forward Checking
  Fahiem Bacchus

Global constraints as graph properties on a structured network of
elementary constraints of the same type
  Nicolas Beldiceanu

Universally Quantified Interval Constraints
  Frederic Benhamou, Frederic Goualard

Constraint Propagation for Soft Constraints: Generalizations and
Termination Conditions
  Stefano Bistarelli, Rosella Gennari, Francesca Rossi

Constraints, Inference Channels and Secure Databases
  Alex Brodsky, Csilla Farkas, Duminda Wijesekera, Xiaoyang Sean Wang

Refinements and Independence: A Simple Method for Identifying
Tractable Disjunctive Constraints
  Mathias Broxvall, Peter Jonsson, Jochen Renz

A Language for Audiovisual Template Specification and Recognition
  Jean Carrive, Pierre Roy, Francois Pachet, Remi Ronfard

Random 3-SAT: The Plot Thickens
  Cristian Coarfa, Demetrios D. Demopoulos, Alfonso San Miguel Aguirre,
  Devika Subramanian, Moshe Y. Vardi

New Tractable Classes From Old
  David Cohen, Peter Jeavons, Richard Gault

Expressiveness of full first order constraints in the algebra of finite
or infinite tree
  Alain Colmerauer, Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao

Cutting Planes in Constraint Programming: an hybrid approach
  Filippo Focacci, Andrea Lodi, Michela Milano

A constraint based framework for prototyping distributed
virtual applications
  Vineet Gupta, Lalita J. Jagadeesan, Radha Jagadeesan, Xiaowei Jiang,
  Konstantin Laufer

A Scalable Linear Constraint Solver for User Interface Construction
  Hiroshi Hosobe

A Constraint Programming Approach for Solving Rigid Geometric Systems
  Christophe Jermann, Gilles Trombettoni, Bertrand Neveu, Michel Rueher

Maintaining Arc-Consistency within Dynamic Backtracking
  Narendra Jussien, Romuald Debruyne, Patrice Boizumault

New Search Heuristics for Max-CSP
  Kalev Kask

Analysis of Random Noise and Random Walk Algorithms for
Satisfiability Testing
  Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Xi Xie, Bart Selman, Stephen Wicker

Boosting Search with Variable Elimination
  Javier Larrosa

Faster Algorithms for Bound-Consistency of the Sortedness and the
Alldifferent Constraint
  Kurt Mehlhorn, Sven Thiel

Practical Investigation of Constraints with Graph Views
  Tobias Mueller

A Hybrid Search Methodology and its Application to
Low-Autocorrelation Binary Sequence Problems
  Steven Prestwich

Singleton Consistencies
  Patrick Prosser, Kostas Stergiou, Toby Walsh

Linear Formulation of Constraint Programming Models and Hybrid Solvers
  Philippe Refalo

A Global Constraint Combining a Sum Constraint and Difference Constraints
  Jean-Charles Regin, Michel Rueher

Efficient Querying of Periodic Spatiotemp{*filter*}Objects
  Peter Revesz, Mengchu Cai

Arc consistency for soft constraints
  Thomas Schiex

Optimal Anytime Constrained Simulated Annealing for
Constrained Global Optimization
  Benjamin W. Wah, Yi Xin Chen

  Toby Walsh

Instruction Scheduling with Timing Constraints on Single RISC Processor
with 0/1 Latencies
  Hui Wu, Joxan Jaffar, Roland Yap, Krishna Palem

Arc Consistency on n-ary Monotonic and Linear Constraints
  Yuanlin Zhang, Roland Yap


The details of registration and hotel booking information will
be available on the CP2000 webpage shortly.
Early registrations should be received by 1 August, 2000.
Registration fees are as follows:

  Full Conference Registration Fees including Workshops
                          Full      Student
  Early Registration     S$650      S$300
  After 1 Aug, 2000      S$750      S$350

All amounts are in Singapore dollars (S$).  As a guide, foreign
currency exchange rates for the Singapore Dollar on 19 July 2000 are:
  US$1   : S$1.72
  Euro$1 : S$1.67

Full registration includes the participation in the main conference and
workshops, proceedings, reception, conference banquet and visit to the
Night Safari and excursion to Sentosa Island. Student registration
includes all the above except for the banquet at the Night Safari.

  Workshop only Registration Fees
  Early Registration     S$150    
  Late Registration      S$200

Workshop only registration allows participants to attend just the
conference workshops on 22 September, 2000.
Admission to workshops is already included in the main
conference registration.

A block of rooms has been reserved with the Singapore Hilton up to
17 August 2000. Please reserve early by then. The conference room rates are:

   Deluxe Room (based on per room per night)
   Single         S$170 (includes breakfast)
   Twin/double    S$190 (includes breakfast)

   Executive Floor Room (based on per room per night)
   Single/Twin    S$220

Room rates do not include taxes.
The breakfast provided is full American buffet breakfast.

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