New PowerMacMindy Available 
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 New PowerMacMindy Available

The latest Power Macintosh version of the Gwydion Dylan "Mindy" bytecode
compiler is now avialable from:

This version features:

Patrick Beard's CodeWarrior Pro 4 Mindy Compiler Plugins.
- Compile Dylan libraries from within the CodeWarrior Pro 4 (or higher)

Mindy Bytecode Application self-runner system.
- Make MacPerl / JBindery - style double clickable applications from
bytecode files.

Macintosh Toolbox library.
- Make windows, draw graphics and hande events from Dylan code.

Stand Alone Compiler and Runner Applications.
- Minimal GUI versions of the Mindy compiler and runner, with utility
AppleScripts. Shared library support and streams are supported..

For more information:

Gwydion Dylan.

PowerMacMindy in General.

CodeWarrior Plugins and Original Toolbox library.

Sat, 02 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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