A big Dylan program 
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 A big Dylan program

The largest public Dylan program is d2c, CMU's Dylan compiler. It contains
examples of good Dylan style (and a little bad Dylan style, too--that's
unavoidable). If you're interested in large scale Dylan design, or how a
Dylan compiler works, you'll be happy to hear that we now have some rough


If you're feeling adventurous, download a copy of the d2c code from our
site, grab your copy of the DRM (so you can look up strange things found in
the compiler), and curl up with the new internals manual.

This is big, fun program, and I've learned a lot just by documenting it. If
you've ever wondered how well Dylan scales, here's your chance to find
out. ;-)

The manual will be revised over the next few weeks and more content will be
added. Interested parties are invited to contribute; contact me for details.


Thu, 04 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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