Macintosh Programming Tools - Opinions Wanted for MacWeek Magazine 
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 Macintosh Programming Tools - Opinions Wanted for MacWeek Magazine


I am writing an article on Macintosh programming tools for
MacWeek (the Product Watch section).  I am looking for opinions
on Macintosh languages, CASE tools, and libraries.  These are the
kinds of questions I am thinking of:

Do you use any structured analysis or structured design tools?
Is anyone still using Pascal?  Think Pascal?  Object Pascal?  The
     Pascal version of MacApp?  What happened to Apple's Pascal
Apple has announced that it is just going to do maintenance on
     MPW, and that it will be replaced.  What do people think
     about this?
Do you use OOP--either C++, Smalltalk, or Camelot?  How does it
     affect software development?  Software maintenance?  What is
     the difference between objects in theory and objects in the
     real world?  Anyone mix C and C++?
Have you converted any software from C to C++?  How did that go?
There are a bunch of object libraries, like Classy, MacApp, and
     TCL.  Who uses what?  What do you think of them?  Do you
     they help?  Is anyone waiting for Bedrock?
What do you think of the various de{*filter*}s--Jasik's De{*filter*} or
What do you think of the various resource compilers?
Who is doing cross-platform development?  Anyone using XVT?
Is anyone developing for the PowerPC or for Newton?  I would like
     opinions on the various languages, tools, or lack thereof.
Who uses Apple's Developer's CD?  For what?  Any comments?

I need opinions from people who do corporate in-house software
development, as well as people who write commercial software.

If there are any issues that I have not covered, feel free to
cover them.  This is going to be a 3200-word article, so I need a
lot of stuff.

Please include a name, job title, and affiliation for the
article--something like:

     Fred Flinstone, dinosaur operator for Slate Quarries in
     Bedrock, Calif.

If you don't want to be attributed by name, or don't want the
name of your organization used, please let me know.

I'll get back to you if I have any further questions, probably in
a few weeks.  Thanks for your help.

Bruce Schneier

Tue, 02 Jan 1996 12:34:34 GMT  
 Macintosh Programming Tools - Opinions Wanted for MacWeek Magazine
I (We) make commercial software for Macintosh here in Chile (and we have plans
of export software to other countries around).

Our answers are:

1) Nop, we don't use CASE tools
2) No, we don't use Pascal (I used MPW Pascal once, but I prefer C)
3) We like MPW, (principally by the UNIX style). The know how for it's use
   is big, I believe that people won't like the change.
4) We use C++, the develop process is easier also the maintenance. The design
   is more difficult by the differences between real world objects and comps.
5) No.
6) We like MacApp but for small projects is like kill flies with an Atomic
   Bomb. We have the Bedrock CD (lamentably I don't have Symantec C++, maybe
   a good thing :-) ). We have hope in Bedrock for Multiplatform Development.
7) I use symb. de{*filter*}s (SADE and SourceBug), also a little use of MacsBug.
8) I use rez and I don't like it. There are commercials?
9) We are inscribed in the Newton Program, and we have good ideas for it's
   use in commercial bussiness, but we'd like that be internacionalized for
   an Spanish country.
10)We use extensively the Dev CD., the tools and information resources are
   very important, also the source code examples are good. Lamentably the
   transport mechanism is bad, many months the CDs get losts.

Glad to serve you.

Pablo A. Millan L.        
Project Manager for Advanced Projects
Seeds Ltd.


Fri, 05 Jan 1996 23:22:17 GMT  
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