Announcing Gwydion Dylan 2.0 
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 Announcing Gwydion Dylan 2.0

Announcing Gwydion Dylan 2.0

     Gwydion Dylan is freely available implementation of a dynamic language
     resembling the language defined in the Dylan Reference Manual. Gwydion
     Dylan differs in a number of ways from the official Dylan language
     definition.  See our documentation for details.  See the copyright
     notice for the conditions under which Gwydion Dylan is made available.

     Dylan(TM) is a trademark of Apple Computer Corp.

     Gwydion Dylan provides two different execution engines:
          (new in version 2.0)
          An optimizing Dylan to C compiler which offers reasonably good
          runtime speed.  Compilations are relatively slow and debugging
          facilities are less convenient that in Mindy.
          A byte-code compiler which offers extremely fast compilation,
          reasonably good debuggability, and slow runtime speed. Mindy is
          also somewhat more portable than d2c, and is available on more
          platforms.  This is an update of our earlier Mindy releases.

Release URL:
     All source and binary distributions and the documentation are available

     Currently Gwydion Dylan is believed to work on these platforms [actual
     build platform in brackets]:
        HPPA HP/Ux [9.03], x86 Microsoft Windows 32 [NT 4.0],
        x86 Linux [Red Hat 4.0/2.0.18], Sparc Solaris [Sparc 4 Sunos 5.5]

     Yes, it does seem to run on Windows 95, but has not been extensively used

     Note that Mindy can be built from sources on many other Unix platforms,
     notably AIX and Irix.  Past versions of Mindy have also been built on Mac.

Support and Disclaimer
     This software is made available "as is". Neither the authors nor
     Carnegie Mellon University make any warranty whatsoever concerning the
     software, its performance, or its conformity to any specification.

     Gwydion is a small research project, and most of our effort in the
     near future will be devoted to developing a "hypercode" programming
     environment.  The amount of time and effort we can put into supporting
     this release is extremely limited.  We will try to answer mail to

     will be timely or that we will fix every bug reported.  We are
     releasing the Gwydion Dylan source so that users can fix things for
     themselves if they choose to do so.  We encourage users to send
     improvements and bug-fixes to us so that we can add them to future

Mon, 22 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Announcing Gwydion Dylan 2.0

    Rob>      Note that Mindy can be built from sources on many other
    Rob> Unix platforms, notably AIX and Irix.  Past versions of Mindy

In fact, building Mindy without d2c is rather hairy, as the automatic
configuration seems to be broken for this case. It's not impossible,



Mon, 22 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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