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 META for Dylan

Hi folks,

Speaking of language tools, David Lichteblau has implemented META in Dylan
and made it available.  You can grab it from:

Here is his description of his implementation of META:

author: David Lichteblau
copyright: Copyright (c) 1999 David Lichteblau.  See LICENSE.

// This is an implementation of META, a technique used to simplify the
// task of writing parsers.  [Baker] describes META and shows the main
// ideas for an implementation in Common Lisp.
//        If all META did was recognize regular expressions, it would
//        not be very useful. It is a programming language, however,
//        and the operations [], {} and $ correspond to the Common
//        Lisp control structures AND, OR, and DO.[8] Therefore, we
//        can utilize META to not only parse, but also to
//        transform. In this way, META is analogous to "attributed
//        grammars" [Aho86], but it is an order of magnitude simpler
//        and more efficient. Thus, with the addition of the "escape"
//        operation "!", which allows us to incorporate arbitrary Lisp
//        expressions into META, we can not only parse integers, but
//        produce their integral value as a result.  [Baker]
// The macro defined here is an attempt to implement META (with slightly
// adapted syntax) for Dylan.  It is functional, but not yet optimized.
// see: Baker, Henry. "Pragmatic Parsing in Common Lisp".
//      ACM Lisp Pointers 4, 2 (Apr-Jun 1991), 3-15.


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