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 Naive Dylan question

I Have generated a lot of interest with my rather confusing statement:


>     fyi - C++ does its function calls in the opposite order than that of C,
>     thus allowing many more function-calling optomizations.

I will have to admit a fair amount of confusion on my part: I had calling
conventions of specific compilers confused with language definitions. It was my
belief that the C language definition specified that arguments should be passed
right-to-left, (As is required when there are a variable number of arguments.)
and that the C++ defintion specified that they should be passed left-to-right
except when there is a variable number of arguments. (Does anyone know exactly
why left-to-right is so much more efficient? - I can no-longer find my
reference.) On the C++ side, this ended up being a compiler-specific issue which
I misread. I assume it is the same for C, but I cannot prove that.

I will no-longer post any information relating to this topic as it has little to
do with Dylan- feel free to contact me independently as I am interested in this

Thanks to those who replied and pointed it out!


Tue, 10 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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