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 Dylan Questions

I have a few questions about two Dylan features.  The first few concern setter
(module) variables:

- When are they defined?  That is, does (define x 1) define x-setter?

- How can one capture a built-in setter?  For example, does the following
  display "setting x"?

        (define x 1)
        (set! x-setter (method (val) (print "setting x") (set! x val)))
        (set! x 2)

  Or does this result in an infinite loop?  If not, what stops the recursion?

The other question involves getting/setting slots with allocation type "class"
It is often necessary to get/set "class variables" directly (i.e., when an
instance is not available). The following example shows what I mean but I don't
see where this is legal in the "book":

        (define-class <foo> (<object>)
                (class-var allocation: class))
        (class-var-setter <foo> "something")    ;setter specialized on the class
        (class-var <foo>)                 ;getter specialized on the class

Is there a way to accomplish this in Dylan?

        Richard W. (Dick) Kreutzer

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Mon, 04 Dec 1995 19:49:48 GMT  
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