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 Dylan mailing lists

There have been some recent questions about subscribing and unsubscribing
to the info-dylan and announce-dylan mailing lists, which are now being
maintained by Harlequin.

that the body (not the subject) of your message contains:

subscribe <list name>

To unsubscribe, send the message

unsubscribe <list name>

(note - the angle brackets <> are NOT required, and list name will be either
info-dylan or announce-dylan).

Occasionally, unsubscribing will not work as expected - it's because the
list manager has recorded an email address for you which differs from the
one your mail program attaches to your message. If you send a message (any

file which should assist, and of course feel free to someone me explicitly

There are also some local redistributions happening at a number of sites,
if you are been feed from one of these then please contact the local
redistribution administrator.

Please avoid sending administrative (ie. subscribe and unsubscribe) messages

relevant Dylan discussions.

James Beal

Sun, 21 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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