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 Info Dylan Digest V2 #43

>Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 16:13:41 GMT

>Subject: Syntax metalanguage vs end if

>> > Lisps can be amazingly small.  A small Lisp should be able to
>> > compete with Basic, no problem.

>> Could you please name one that is available for MS Windows?
>> Does it complete with VB in terms of cost, performace, and
>> memory overheads? The clostest product I know of is Actor,
>> and from what I've read from C programmers, they hated it.

>There's Basic and Basic.  Small Lisps certainly exist and have
>existed.  I don't know of any that is a competitor to VB, but
>then I know very little about Windows software.

I have a copy of George Carrette's SIOD (Scheme in one Defun) it is a
complete scheme interpreter, including a GC, in a couple of pages
of "C" code. I've ported it to THINK C and it runs in many other
environments. It is easy to extend and rather fun to work with.


Sun, 18 Aug 1996 02:53:30 GMT  
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