Zathras (was Re: Gwydion Dylan 2.3.2 Release) 
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 Zathras (was Re: Gwydion Dylan 2.3.2 Release)


> is still down, and so are our mailing
> lists. Originally I had planned to wait until they are back up before
> the next release, in order to coordinate with the other
> maintainers. But I'm a little impatient, and decided to do it _now_.
> I assume all the important people are reading this group anyways.

Zathras is up and running (thanks to ISR), and I've sorted out my problems
with Internic. However, I still don't have a primary or a secondary DNS. I
could set Zathras up as its own primary, but I would still need a

If anybody can provide a secondary DNS, I'd like to get this problem fixed
once and for all.


Fri, 08 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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