Does your compiler do what you want it to? 
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 Does your compiler do what you want it to?

Does your compiler do what you want it to?

If you have a complaint, we'd love to hear it.

We have built a new kind of Scheme compiler that we hope can address
many of these complaints.  Our compiler -- which is based on a
compile-time metaobject protocol -- allows users to direct certain
crucial aspects of their program's compilation.  Primarily, this means
control over the layout of runtime data structures like lists, pairs,
procedures and environments.  Users can also extend the basic semantics
-- a more powerful kind of macro if you will -- when that is appropriate
for their needs.

Our prototype compiler is now running, and generating native SPARC code.
So, we are hunting for examples of real Lisp programs (Common Lisp,
Scheme, Eulisp etc.), which could benefit from such control.  Or, send
us "real-world features" that you have felt should be provided by the
compiler -- but somehow it failed you.  Or, any code fragments that you
thought were clear and elegant, but which the compiler didn't handle
appropriately. Programs or situations in which you felt you had to
switch to C, to get the performance you needed are of special interest
to us.

Some examples  are:

 * The natural way of coding OOP on top of Scheme, using closures,
   has bad space performance characteristics.

 * Active Objects (or entities) which behave not only as closures, but
   also as data structures are difficult to code in a way that doesn't
   have bad GC properties.

 * Adding new constructs, such as call/cc, to a language that does not
   support them.

Any examples you might provide will be greatly appreciated.  Don't worry
if you don't have an example ``all boiled down to its essence.''  We are
more than willing to take this on.  Who knows, we may even be able to
give you a tool that makes your system run faster, or be more elegant!


Anurag Mendhekar.

Tue, 26 Dec 1995 08:50:57 GMT  
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