Dylan is the Name was(Re: Dylan (Bob) eats rotten Apple (Computer)) 
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 Dylan is the Name was(Re: Dylan (Bob) eats rotten Apple (Computer))

Excerpts from netnews.comp.sys.mac.advocacy: 6-Sep-94 Re: Dylan (Bob)

> >why is it unreasonable for dylan (bob) to claim
> >that people, upon seeing a product called "DYLAN,"
> >will think that he is in some way contractually
> >affiliated with apple computer?

> Because it's not _called_ DYLAN... it's an internal code name
> for the product.

Not True - your statement is in error.

I've reduced the breadth on the post as it was just too big.
Anyway the issue raised is a comp. one, not a music one.
Look at the second line in the newsgroups header -
Look on Apple's Higher Education Server.
See that this is not an internal code-name.
The merits of Bobby Z's case aside, Dylan is the name
by which Apple identifies this computer language to the world.

To quote from the !Dylan.information.readme.txt document in
Apple.Developer.Info part of the
Apple Support Area from the Apple Higher Education Server:

<<What is Dylan?

Dylan is an exciting new Object Oriented Dynamic Language (OODL) developed at
Apple Computer. The goal of the language is to support a high level of
programmer productivity, typically enjoyed by progammers in dynamic languages
such as Smalltalk or Lisp. At the same time, Dylan will allow the delivery of
commercial applications with performance, efficiency, and small size typical of
static languages such as C/C++ or Pascal. We have designed the language to be
simple, consistent, and easy to learn, especially for people already familiar
with C or Pascal.

Dylan is not proprietary. Several non-Apple implementations are well under way
and Apple welcomes and encourages more of them.>>

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