Problem with FP 2.5 browse window 
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 Problem with FP 2.5 browse window


I have a multi-user FP 2.5a app running on a Lantastic 5 network.  Some of the
data entry is done via a browse window on one file. When two data entry
operators are concurrently entering records through this browse window
the system will quite often lockup after a period of time. This time
maybe been 5 minutes and an hour. The result of a lockup is that the file need
reindexing or occassionally is totally screwed up.

I've stuffed around with the following:

1) SQL Insert versus Append
2) Increasing FILES = 100 in the config.sys
3) Running SHARE.EXE on each machine

these made no difference.

I've read the manuals from front to back and can't see anything
obviously moronic that I might have done.

If anyone has a suggestion(s) I would extremely grateful.

Matt Aldiss

Sun, 21 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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