Having trouble with providing context sensative help. 
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 Having trouble with providing context sensative help.

I am using VFP 7 SP1. I have created a custom help file
with HTML HELP Workshop. I set the SET HELP TO and it
works great. Whenever a user selects the F1 function key
it brings up my help file.

I went thru the documentation on HTML HELP and it had me
create a header file and txt file which I did assigning a
code to each help topic along with a number.

In my Foxpro window I set the Help Context ID to the
number associated with the help topic discussed above.

Each time I try the Shift-F1 while sitting in a field I

HH_HELP_CONTEXT called without a [map] section.

Not sure what I am doing wrong. :(

I have attached the .h and .txt files I am using for
testing. Well looks like you can only attach 1 file. :(

Any help would make my day. :)

Thanks in Advance.


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Sat, 14 May 2005 03:31:45 GMT  
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