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 Help:VFP 6 Listbox cloumns


I'm using VFP 6.0 under windows 98. I'm using the form designer to
create a listbox in a pageframe. I set the columncount to 3, then try to
create 3 different column widths with the columnwidth setting--20,10 10.
When I leave the columnwidth setting, all the columns become the same
width as the first column--20,20,20. The width of the listbox is greater
than the total of the 3, so there is plenty of space. The rowsource type
is 6 (fields), and the rowsource values are
left(alias.field1,20),field2,field3. Any ideas on why I can't set
individual column widths for each column? I also tried setting rowsource
type to 1 with the same results. Thanks.


Fri, 10 Dec 2004 05:38:24 GMT  
 Help:VFP 6 Listbox cloumns

Thanks to everyone who gave this some thought. The problem was setting
the tabform units to foxels instead of pixels. When I switched the units
to pixels, I was able to size the listbox columns individually. Take


Sat, 11 Dec 2004 23:31:01 GMT  
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