FPW 2.6 Pro Standalone Executables 
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 FPW 2.6 Pro Standalone Executables

Does anyone know of any tricks to reduce the size of a stand alone executable
and the supporting files which are distributed when you build a set of
release disks. In particular, is there some substitute for FOXW2600.ESL which
can be used if you are only using a subset of FoxPro's features. Also, has
anyone managed to use another compression program which offers slightly
better compression ratios than that attained by MS's compress.

I'm looking at producing an application for public distribution and would
like to minimize the number of disks required to reduce cost. I would also
like to reduce the disk requirements for the application once installed if
this were possible.

Many thanks, Roland

Sun, 04 May 1997 12:52:31 GMT  
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