Beware the String Too Long To Fit 
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 Beware the String Too Long To Fit

I was getting an error in the report writer.  'String too long to fit' on
a memo field which was about 400 characters long.  Strange.  I even had
another memo field which was longer and did not generate the error.
Quickly looking to see what the difference between the two was, I found

not.  So I removed the formatting since it left justifies anyway, and it
worked.  So I checked the knowledge base and found a similar error was
generated when trying to use the upper case formatting in the report
writer.  Seems the report writer has problems formatting strings longer
than 254 characters, a problem obviously carried forward when they ported
the report writer from 2.6, instead of redesigning it.  Just wanted to
warn everyone to beware this problem.

Oh, and the knowledge base says this behavior is by design.  In the case
of wanting to upper case the memo string, use UPPER() in the field box,
and not the upper case format option.

- John

Mon, 20 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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