Table buffering and SQL SELECT and DE 
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 Table buffering and SQL SELECT and DE

Hei there!
I have got a form which runs in a private data session. In this form I
create an object which has got its own data environment (so that it runs in
the form's private data session). I fill this data environment with tables
(cursor objects) and open all these cursors in "optimistic table buffering
mode". Now I delete some records from one of these tables (cursors). Then I
browse the table (cursor) and the records seem to be deleted. I run an SQL
SELECT sentence suddenly the deleted records appear in my result cursor.
Why is this?

If I do exactly the same in the form's DE it works perfectly.

What I did:
1. Create form with private data session. (SET DELETED ON)
2. form.AddObject() an object with its own DE.
3. Add table cust to this DE and open it in optimistic table buffering
4. DELETE FROM cust WHERE cust_id = 5
5. BROWSE cust  -> no more records with cust_id = 5.
6. SELECT * FROM cust WHERE cust_id = 5 INTO CURSOR curCust

All deleted records are there again.

Do the same with jump over step 2 in the form's DE and it works fine.

Thanks in advance for all hints.


Sat, 09 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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