Report Writer Ver 8.0 to Ver 10.0 
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 Report Writer Ver 8.0 to Ver 10.0

I have to print images by report writer 8.0 so I create a report with un
placeholder image and I change the image during the print process before run
the report.
The problem is that the image is deformed by the report because the report
has a fix image dimension saved and the images that I save on disk every
time have different dimension
I know that report writer Ver 10.0 has the image gestion, with this version
I can save the image path on table and the report can print different Image.
But before buy RRw 10.0 I'd like to have a copy to try if the feature is Ok.
So if someone kwons this functionality or have the report version 10.0 can
send me a copy
Thank You very much

Fri, 08 Apr 2005 16:39:21 GMT  
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