Miami, Fl, Foxpro Programmer looking for work 
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 Miami, Fl, Foxpro Programmer looking for work

   4500 NW 3rd St, Front, Miami, Fl, 33134  
   Phones:  (305) 305-444-4872,    

  Seeking full time position in Foxpro programming, Accounting, or
Business Analysis in Miami, Fl
  Over 12 years experience designing Accounting Business applications.
Familiar with the entire
  Business cycle of most business. Able to prepare monthly Accounting
Financial Statements

  Programming FoxPro. Dbase, Clipper, C/C++ 1 Year experience    
  Accounting Accounting, Journal Entry to Financial Statement
preparation. Most software packages
  LAN/WAN  Installed and Maintained various Novell, and Windows
Network using various topologies
  Cryptology Numerical compression, entropy of all matter or symbol,
variance elimination. Over 10 years

  RELIC, INC FoxPro Programmer    Write custom programming utilities
in FoxPro, Maintain Arias Acct Application
  300 NE 75th Street Accounting    Enter Orders, Processing Shipping,
Customer Service, Accounting
  Miami, Fl, 33138 Shipping and Invoicing Journal Entries, Print
Journals, Shipping and Invoicing
  Mr. Kip Duggal, 305-754-0408 From 06-2002 thru 02-2003            
  DYNABYTE Systems Analyst SBT/ACCPAC Accounting Programmer
  4135 Laguna St / 6262 SW 40th St FoxPro Programmer  Supported
Various customer in the Miami, Fl area
  C{*filter*}Gables, Fl, 33146 Accounting  Used several tools and FoxPro &
Visual FoxPro
  Mr. Jesus Pena, 305-667-3331 From 01-2001 thru 08-2001 ACCPAC 3.00
to 6.0 (SBT) Installations
  HEURISTIC TECHNOLOGIES FoxPro & C Programming Visual FoxPro,
Microsoft Quick C. Design and programming
  2443 NW 35th Street Designing HALES of HALES ( Heuristic Algorithm
Linear Encryption System ) and
  Miami, Fl, 33142   ClaveCypher Compression program
  Consulting, Self,  From 05/2000 thru 12.2000 This has been my
default project for over 10 years
  AGRA YATCH SERVICE Consultant Accounting Assisted owner in
Implementation of QuickBooks 2000,
  1629 NW 16th Street QuickBooks Consultant Accounting System in a
Retail Environment
  Miami, Fl, 33125 LAN Consultant System. Maintained Inventory.
Installed Peer to peer workstations
  Mr. Jose Agra,    305-635-6945 From 06/2000 thru 07/2000  
  FLORIDA AUTO FINANCE Accounting Consultant Installed and configured
Peachtree, set various accounting
  2215 NW 36th street Peachtree functions. Setup Peachtree, conducted
reconciliation and auditing,
  Miami, Fl, 33142   Assisted CFO in implementation, usage and
  Mr. Tim Gamwell,  305-638-2010  From 08/1999 thru 03/2000  
  ARC MERCHANDISING Systems Analyst MIS/IT Administration, TCP/IP
Router Installation
  7437 NW 37th Ave Network Administrator  
  Hialeah, Fl, 33131   Configuration and maintenance of internet
router and Novel network
  Mr. Paul Arcia, 305-691-9400 From 04/1999 thru 06/1999  
  UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Consultant IT Support on intranet. Emails
accounts, workstations, support
  1010 NW 14 Street Systems Analyst and maintenance
  Miami, Fl, 33123   Multi OS environment user support across intranet
  Phn: 1-800-754-7000 From 10/1999 thru 11/1999 Configuration of Lotus
emails accounts
  DRESDNER BANK   Configuration of Windows terminals, Systems
  108 Brickel Avenue   Configuring email accounts
  Miami, Fl, 33116    
  Mr. Trevor, 305- From 08/1998 thru 12/1998  
  FLORIDA BUSINESS MACHINES Systems Analyst Support, repair and
installation of ISDN, CSU/DSU
  3175 NW 72nd Avenue Network Technician Routers in a peer to peer
network environment
  Miami, Fl, 33139   Configuring various networks in the Miami area
with Internet ISDN
  Mr. George Lozano, 305 From 05/1998 to 07/1998 dialups and dedicated
  QUICK AVIATION FoxPro Programmer  FoxPro programming Aviation Visual
FoxPro application
  6500 NW 36 street Systems Analyst Supported various customers,
remotely and on site
  Miami, Fl, 33126   Maintained A/R, A/P, I/C, O/E, G/L Modules
  Mr. William Duds From 01/1999 thru 05/1999 Steve Johnson, supervisor
  SUPRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS FoxPro Programmer  Telecommunications
System Analyst, Programmer,
  2621 SW 27th Ave Accounting Programming BellSouth LENS Databases for
customer support
  Miami, Fl, 33130   Trained and Assisted CPA in Peachtree Accounting
  Mr. Eukalides Ramos, 305-476-4220 From 04/1998 thru 02/1999  
  WACC   Director of MIS   Telecommunications System Analyst,
  1101 Brickel Avenue Accounting   Programming Billing System.
Installed SBT/ACCPAC
  Miami, Fl, 33132    Designed telecommunications switches, supported
and installed IVR
  Mr. Joel Esquenazi, 305-577-9700 From 10/1996 thru 10/1997 Medellin,
Columbia and Lima, Peru for internation phone traffic
  DADE COUNTY MORGUE FoxPro programming   Supported MEXIS Autopsy and
Morgue database software. Assisted in the
  1020 NW 10 avenue MEXIS Application   support of remote workstations
throughout the building
  Miami, Fl, 33015 Assisted in Network Support Custom reports,
hardware maintenance, local intranet support
  Mrs. Bunny Lieberman, 305-545-2400 From 01/1005 thru /01/1996
  HEURISTIC TECHNOLOGIES FoxPro Programming   Supported various
programs. Wrote Video Application for King Video
  1642 NW 35th Street Consulting   , installed various customers    
  Miami, Fl, 33142 Network Technician      
  Consulting, Self, 305-637-1655 From 07/1992 thru 07/1994 Worked in
HALES project design
  SAMUEL SCOTT, INC FoxPro programming   Supported application IBS
from New Generation Computer
  9012 NW 105th Way Accounting Controller Trained Bookkeepers, staff,
supported users, designed custom programs
  Medley, Fl, 33178 Network Administrator Maintained network LAN    
  Mr. Alber Azaria, 305-884-1541 From 1986 thru 1986   Controlled
Accounting and Operations
  ACM, Apparel Computer Mart AIMS Software Programming Mr. Software,
LA Application for the Apparel Industry. Supported customers
  7220 NW 36th Street FoxPro Application    installed networks,
trained and supported staff
  Miami, Fl, 33149 and support.   Designed customer programs for the
apparel industry
  Mr. Brannon Crawford Craig From 01/1987 thru 01/1988 Mr. Scott
Jamel, LA Mr. Software and Matt Brossiuos, ACM, NY
  NEW GENERATION COMPUTING FoxPro Programming   Accounting application
programming in FoxPro development and
  16401 NW 58th Avenue Accounting programming support. Designed
programs, modules, maintained A/R, A/P,. G/L, O/E
  Miami Lakes, 33014 Network Installation   I/C, BOM, and various
other modules including Import/Export Market
  Mr. Alan Brooks, 305-556-9122 05-1986 thru 12/1987   Supported
customers in the Miami, Fl area
  GENESIS SECURITY SYSTEMS Security fire room technician Monitored
fire and security control room
  50 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Center Fire Control room technician    
  Miami, Fl, 33130      
  Mr. Joe Carollo From 01/1986 thru /1986            
  CUSTOM WHOLESALE FLOORS Warehouse Manager   Managed warehouse
shipping and receiving
  2323 NW 23rd Street Shipping and Receiving Maintained daily shipping
  Miami, Fl, 33142    Pulled and picked daily orders    
  Mr. Joseph Dupree From 1985 thru 1986   Conducted physical inventory
  IMPERIAL SHOE SALES    Tennis shoes, underwear, sucks salesmen for
Bahamian customers
  520 West Flagler Mr. Milton Ross      
  Miami, Fl, 33125 From 1982 thru 1982              
  Marriot Inflight Services    FHP Helper, supervised food traits of
  Miami International Airport      
  Miami, Fl,    From 1984 thru 1944              
  DADE PAPER COMPANY Warehouse assistant   Daily warehouse duties    
  2323 NW 72nd Avenue pulled and picked orders    
  Miami, Fl, 33134 fork lift driver              
  CHURCHILL COFFEE Production Line tech   attended basic functions of
the production line.
  NW 7th St and 17 Ave      
  Orange Bowl, Miami, Fl From 1980 thru 1981              

  Biscayne Collegue Phylosophy, Biology, History, Psychology,
Sociology,2 years
  Miami Institure of technology Computer for business applications,
Computer programming, 1 year For explanation of my lack of professional
accreditations and formal education degrees

  Writing, gun range, movies, computers, ham radio, scuba diving,
music guitar and piano,

  DOB 11/12/1962 Hair       : l/brown  Height    : 5ft, 3in  M/Status:
  Weight   : 190lbs Eyes      : l/brown  Race      : Hispanic
Children :  Three

  Kip Duggal 305-754-0408      
  Karan Kapur 305-754-0408      
  Jesus Pena 308-667-3331

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