Map field to classes/display library work around needed. 
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 Map field to classes/display library work around needed.


I made my life much easier by using the exact same directory structure, with
all files on a single drive. This allows you to much more easily move
between a desktop/network drive and the notebook drive. When VFP has to
change drives it ends up hardcoding fullpaths.

You can use regedit to export the default classes subtree and use that to
help move changes from one machine to another.
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> The display library setting for this feature only uses absolute paths to
> class libs. This means that when I copy projects back & forth between
> desktop & laptop, VFP loses the ability to find them. Worse is that, when
> try to work with these settings, the stuff vfp can't find is cleared out,
> when I get back to my original machine, the settings must be entered
> Very annoying and inconsistent with the rest of the project manager's
> interface.

Fri, 21 Feb 2003 02:55:50 GMT  
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