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 Rich Text Format etc.


        Once again I'm bugging you with my infinite questions.
        I'm still making the bibliography program for the library
        and I'm currently trying to make the routines that produce
        the output, the book listing all published material.

        Does anyone have any information on RTF - Rich Text Format?
        Can it handle the following things:

        - different tabulators (left, right, different positions)
        - different paragraphs
        - different fonts and styles

        If RTF is not capable of doing those things, is there any
        other common text format that can handle those things?
        WinWord should be able to import that text later on, for
        the final touch & printing.

        Secondly, has anyone a good idea how to handle formulaes?
        You see, some of the books have either mathematic or
        chemical formulaes in them, and I should be able to handle
        those as well, too. Ideas?

        The previous version of the program (not done by me) used
        PC-TeX, but we'd like to give up that program at this stage.

        Anyway, thanks in advance and Happy New Year!



Mon, 17 Jun 1996 16:37:00 GMT  
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