Question about READs and READ level clauses 
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 Question about READs and READ level clauses

No matter how much I read the reference guide and/or the instruction manual,
I just can't figure out the concept of a READ.  I know the basics, that it is
used to read information, but I can't figure out all the clauses, etc., and
especially the concept of the read level.

I am having a particular problem, as well.  In an app that I am attempting to
write, there is a sequence of screens, each with their own READ that looks
something like this:

          Screen A -----> Screen B -----> Screen C ---(OK)---+
               ^             ^               |               |
               |             |            (Cancel)           |
               |             |               |               |
               |             +---------------+               |

Anyway, I keep running out of READ nesting levels.  I use terminating READs
on all controls that cause the app to jump to the next screen, and I have
even tried putting in CLEAR READ.  But I still run out of nesting levels.

One more thing, these screens are called from the VALID clauses of the
controls of the previous screen.  (That is, the OK Valid for Screen C has
a line in it that says "do screen A").  Might this have something to do
with it?

E-mail/post, either is fine.

Thanks for the help.

Matt Gabin                         Amherst College

Fri, 22 Mar 1996 02:59:49 GMT  
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