Combo in grid displays 'controlsource', will not display 'recordsource' 
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 Combo in grid displays 'controlsource', will not display 'recordsource'

It sounds like you need to set the column's sparse to .F.  Your post looks
okay for the active cell's combo, but it's probably the inactive rows that
are showing the controlsource value, right?


> The combo will list the job descriptions ok, but when you select from the
> combo the column displays the  'JobCode' (the combo control source) rather
> than the text in 'JobDesc' (the combo rowsource).

> In the init of the grid I have the following code :

> * Set coulmn properties
> This.column2.ControlSource = 'employee.code'
> This.column2.Bound = .T.
> * Add combo for selecting a 'job description'
> This.column2.AddObject('cboJobDesc','combobox')
> This.column2.CurrentControl= 'cboJobDesc'              && Set as active
> control
> This.column2.cboJobDesc.RowSourceType = 6         && Fields
> This.column2.cboJobDesc.RowSource = 'jobcodes.jobdesc, jobcode'
> This.column2.cboJobDesc.DisplayValue = 1
> This.column2.cboJobDesc.BoundColumn = 2

Thu, 18 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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