VFP 7: Grid Combo Box won't keep selected item 
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 VFP 7: Grid Combo Box won't keep selected item

I have a grid with a combo box in it.

When I add a record to the grid and select an item from
the combo (the items listed are coming from the correct
table) it adds nothing to the column.  There are no blank
records in the combo's table.  How do I make the selected
item appear in the column?

Combo Settings are:
BoundColumn = 4
BoundTo = T
ControlSource = ohpers.ohemp
RecordSource = ohpers.ohemp
RecordSourceType = 6  
Style  = 0

Column 4 Settings are:
ControlSource = oehistry.oeoper
Sparse = T


Tue, 31 May 2005 08:09:28 GMT  
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