problem with combo box 
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 problem with combo box

hi all,
i am working on VFP6.0 and have a problem with Combo
Box ,the problem is when i am running the program and i
click the combo box to show the drop down options it does
drop down but its blank with a scroll Bar to scroll
through the options and select. If i scroll down and just
click anywere in the blank it still selects that
particular option, this is specially when i run the main
exe. But if i just run that specific prg. which calls that
form which has those combo boxes i can see all the options.
The combo box is connected to an array which is created in
the prg. and the code is as follows......
I hope i have been able to explain myself , if any
confusion pls ask me.......
Thanks a lot in advance..

******code building the array*********

m.gcDrice = "C:"

IF m.llProbType
        SELECT (m.gcDrive+"\dmsdata\probtype")
        m.lcProbOrd     =ORDER()
        m.lnProbRec     =RECNO()
        SET ORDER TO (m.gcDrive+"\dmsdata\probtype")
        SELECT 0
        USE (m.gcDrive+"\dmsdata\probtype")

        IF !FILE("probtype.idx")
                INDEX ON probtype1 TO
(m.gcDrive+"\dmsdata\probtype") COMPACT

        SET INDEX TO (m.gcDrive+"\dmsdata\probtype")

m.lcProbType    ="<<  ALL  >>"

IF m.lnProbCount >0
        DIMENSION laProbTypes[m.lnProbCount +1]
        m.i =1
        laProbTypes[m.i]        ="<<  ALL  >>"
        m.i     =(m.i +1)

                laProbTypes[m.i]        =probtype.probtype1
                m.i     =(m.i +1)


Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:52:07 GMT  
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