Mult-user record selection? 
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 Mult-user record selection?

I have a database for all the electronic equipment in our company.
Previously this database was maintained and accessed by one person only on
a stand-alone computer. I have a field called "tag" (yes, I know it's a
reserved word & I shouldn't use it, but it would require open heart surgery
to change). We normally select the equipment we want to take on a job by
doing lookups & tagging the items that we want by making "tag" TRUE. Then
when we want to do a delivery order or Customs proforma invoice, we just
set the filter to report form for tag = .T. - works great.

Now I find we need this application on the network, and feasibly more than
1 user at a time could be accessing the database & selecting items to take
on their jobs. Obviously the tag field won't work any more, as we won't
know what job the item is selected for. I really need a complete re-think
here. What is the preferred method for multiple users to select multiple
items to use them in reports or for otherwise manipulating them. As well as
reporting, when the items have been selected for a job, certain fields in
the database, like date_taken, etc are changed.

I haven't tackled this sort of problem before, but I suspect I will have to
start reading up on QUERY or SQL SELECT or one of those other things that I
have never worrried about before. Could someone point me in the approximate
direction please?



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