textbox source/values and grids 
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 textbox source/values and grids

 supposing i have n tables that increases as different hard data comes
 i use a grid with recordsource of 0 and columncount of -1 so that i just
 open/SQL one and run the form with the grid. the data is displayed as is,
 no need to whiten hair for different entry/edit forms for different
 for stricter control, i placed the grid at readonly and plan to use
textboxes outside the grid. i got one textbox to display the recordsource.
but any ideas on :
 1. a texbox that dynamically displays the field where the highlight on the
 grid is?
 2. a textbox that dynamically displays the value of the field at the
 current row, where the highlight...is?
 3. a textbox that will inputmask itself to N or C depending on #1?

 thanks, :-)

Technical Staff From Pol (TSFPOL) :-)

Fri, 31 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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