need to speed up program execution 
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 need to speed up program execution

Here's the problem:
I've got a simple mail system written in FOXPRO running on a Novell Network.
I've written a little program to count how many messages the user has
waiting for him. The entire program consist of one SQL-SELECT. If I run
this little program from within FOXPRO it takes 0.1 seconds to run. If
I compile it though, FOXPRO apparently loads all the libraries before
getting down to business. This causes the program to take between 5-8 seconds
to run b/c of all the overhead. I've tried compiling it every way I could
think of, Standalone, .FXP, .APP. Any idea how I could cut down the execution
time (significantly)?

Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:50:00 GMT  
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