Looking for solution ! 
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 Looking for solution !

I am getting a new business off the ground and am looking for a database
solution. The database needs to:
1.  Allow users to search for video scenes based on words contained in
record descriptions.
2.  Thumbnails for matching records need to be shown to the user.
3.  Users should be able to download a preview to their hard disk.
4.  Direct modem access is required.
5.  Direct ISDN access would be very useful.
6.  Internet access would be useful.
7.  Mac Client and/or Window Client (for direct access).

I currently have a program spec'ed out that performs all of these tasks.
However, rather than an off-the-shelf solution, I am looking for a
programmer/company to become partners with us in the new venture. The
structure of an arrangement is completely open.

Know of anything?
Want furtner information?
Any suggestions?

Since I have subscribed to a lot of different newsgroups in my quest to
find a db solution, ***** I'D PREFER IF YOU E-MAILED ME DIRECTLY. ***** My
name is Jan Deruiter. I can be reached at 215/842-9095 or via e-mail at

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jan Deruiter

Tue, 13 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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