C/SQL/XBase Software Engineer, San Diego CA 
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 C/SQL/XBase Software Engineer, San Diego CA

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[ Author was Barbara Walter ]
[ Posted on Wed, 11 Jan 1995 01:32:55 GMT ]

     Develop custom and commercial multimedia applications at growing
$40 million revenue software firm founded by software engineers.  Chose
from three-tier career path, receive individual & team recognition, have
opportunity to learn video & CD-ROM technology, and opportunity to
advance.  Perm, salaried position in San Diego.  Excellent salary &
flex benefits, including tuition reimbur{*filter*}t, company-paid profit
sharing and company-paid stock.  
     Requires: BSCS/EE or equivalent (advanced degree preferred),
4+ years commercial (non-academic) experience developing
client/server applications using SQL (Oracle, Sybase), XBase
(Paradox/FoxBase/dBase) and C/C++ on PC/DOS/MS-Windows. Also
requires you have a legal right to work in USA.  Pluses: Windows
API, video, CD-ROM, LAN/WAN.
     Please email DOS text resume to recruiter Barbara Walter, CPC

     Walter & Company is a employer-paid search firm that
specializes in placing interactive/multimedia developers
in San Diego County.  Member, IICS.  Board member, San Diego
Digital Multimedia Association.

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