FOXpro Ver 2.5 for Windows, Prof ver: New 
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 FOXpro Ver 2.5 for Windows, Prof ver: New

I have a copy of FOXPro 2.5 for windows. The Proffesional version.  The
package was sent to Me from Microsoft after purchasing the DOS version
for a God awful amount.  My DB package for windows is Paradox, so I
figured I sell this to whoever wants it.

Microsoft's FOXPRO (PROFESSIONAL VER) Relational Database
             Managment System for Windows.
             Still shrink wrapped, never used,
             Version 2.5

Any Bids?
                    "Lost on the Information Highway"
Low on Gas, No Map, Heater Broken, Road Construction, and I just used
my last Fix a Flat.
Starkle Starkle Little Twink, Honest Officer I've had nothing to drink.

Sun, 08 Jun 1997 03:12:43 GMT  
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