VFP: Grid controls - Click, DblClick events 
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 VFP: Grid controls - Click, DblClick events

Hi there...

I am just trying to begin to get up to speed on VFP so, this is probably a
simple question, but here goes...

Am I missing something?

The VFP has a sample - controls.app, and it has a demo screen re:
understanding Vis. FP - for showing the event firing sequence....

I clicked and Dbl-clicked the grid control and .....

Click and Dbl-click don't appear in the sequence.  Why?

The programmer even put the code in these methods for them to display at the
right time - but nothing...

The only items that fired were the Before & After RowColChange events...

I tried this in my own sample form/grid - same result

Should I/we be able to use these events in this control???

Was the sample programmer wrong?

I'd really appreciate some help on this...

Thx a bunch :={

S. Barker
Nicola Group

Mon, 27 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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